8-10 June, 2018 • A celebration & showcase of remote Australian Indigenous community life through music, sport & culture.

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There are few opportunities in Australia where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can sit down, chat and celebrate the positive aspects of remote community life, together. There are few places nationally where people can camp under the stars, enjoy everything from Aboriginal rock bands to a game of AFL, or join in a traditional dance ceremony.

This place is Barunga, and this opportunity is Barunga Festival


A Happy Meeting Place

Barunga Festival is a grassroots festival that encourages people to come together and experience the positive aspects of remote community life. Everyone participates; Indigenous and non-Indigenous people talk, eat and dance together, enjoying the unique opportunity for cross-cultural engagement. Barunga is a meeting place, and this family-focused event reaches a broad demographic of all ages, with participants coming from all states of Australia, including some overseas visitors.


Employment and Training Opportunities

Barunga Festival supports the development of micro businesses for local Indigenous people, as well as training and employment. Art stalls, tour guiding, didgeridoo making workshops – the list of small business participation and development grows each year.


Best Practice Model - Community Festivals

Barunga Festival is proudly leading the way with a best practice model for remote community festivals around the country, having successfully implemented multiple policies including a healthy food policy for all food vendors; an alcohol and smoke free policy; and has a comprehensive event management plan. Incorporating a non-volunteer policy also encourages local employment. The Festival management is currently developing programs that will complement the national school curriculum.

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